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Music City by the Sea - Stephen Kalinich

Stephen Kalinich reading one of his poems

Stephen Kalinich
22nd Aug 2006

Thus we were all set up for an improvised evening of Kalinich's inspirational poetry, Beach Boys nostalgia, and a few numbers from Charlotte Cooper's new album.

Nico, the Belgium guitarist, is clearly a Beach Boys aficionado, but more than that he has an incredibly strong falsetto voice that can hit all those high notes with no difficulty. Nico kicked off the evening with a couple of BB's old numbers and one of his own.

To use a formulaic expression. Kalinich's poetry is 'spiritual but not religious'. His delivery is dramatic and urgent, often with sound accompaniment. His poetry protests a mundane, utilitarian view of life and challenges us to find and embrace the artist in each of us as an antidote to warmongers and hatemongers. It proclaims a common humanity and a simple ethic of love.

You can find a short statement of his beliefs here.

He read and performed The Magic Hand, Bring in All the Poets, The Days of Life, and Galactic Symphony No 1: The Tale of Man. (Or so my notes tell me. I might have got it wrong.)

Tom Arnold on accordion
Steve Wrigley on guitar
Stephen Kalinich

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